Oh 2016!

We do like elections. Honest. Here are a couple side projects we did to celebrate Election 2016.

The Campaign Button Archive

We asked our friends to help us make some buttons. Somewhat thematically tied to this year’s presidential election. A total of 16 buttons for the year 2016.

Artists: Eric NyffelerBrett StensonEllen WildeSteven SczepanikMurphy PhelanJonny AshcroftOrion JaneczeckMatt CarlsonJustin KemerlingCody Peterson.

We’ve also been posting a bunch of old campaign buttons. Some are just so amazing. The design and messaging sensibilities of the political arena was, and we think still is, fascinating. 

Visit The Campaign Button Archive »

What Enthusiasm Gap?

We also got in on the early voting fun. And we were generally enthusiastic about it. With pocket constitution, peace patch, and official Barack Obama birth certificate mug on display, we wanted to show not everyone is grumpy about 2016. You still feeling the Bern? We’re still feeling the Bern.  

Photo by the great Adam Casey

Until 2018, keep seeking truth fellow citizens. And keep chucking those deuces up.


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