We listen, interpret, empathize, and exist in the gray area of collaborative creativity.

Justin Kemerling

Co-founder, Design Lead

Cody Peterson

Co-founder, Development Lead

Focused, Fast, Beautiful

We launched Action Backed as a way to use design and storytelling to move people to action around a cause or issue. Beautiful visuals, impeccably built websites, and powerful, emotionally resonant videos serve as inspiring calls-to-action, driving participation — voting, volunteering, donating, socializing an idea, building a movement. When we say a project is Action Backed, that’s what we mean.

Since we launched in April of 2014, we’ve also worked on projects involving exhibition and game design, but our working philosophy always stays the same: keep it focused, fast, and beautiful.

Independent Collective

Co-founded by Justin Kemerling (OMA) and Cody Peterson (PDX), Action Backed exists within the framework of a distributed workforce. Our network of trusted collaborators is called upon when the project requires it, whether for a particular skill-set or to execute the work along an accelerated timeline.

We approach each project from all angles in order to find the best solution to the problem at hand. Our clients are collaborators in the process and we work together to find the best path for moving forward. This ensures from kick-off to final deliverables, we create work that’s the most compelling and actionable.

Jason Sawyer

Web Developer

Jake Welchert

Design + Development

Eric Gautschi

Video + Strategy

Caleb Coppock


Daphne Eck

Content + Strategy

Jontue Hollingsworth


Our Progressive Foundation

We take on projects that deal with important issues in terms of political activism, community betterment, and artistic expression. We refer to the people we work alongside of as progressive changemakers that include nonprofits, coalitions, organizations, activists, and socially conscious companies.

Whether a project in California or Nebraska, part of an integrated campaign with a national reach or a small scale grassroots effort, we approach every project in the same way with the same desire to create something beautiful to move people to action.

We have a long history of working with progressive organizations dealing with the right to vote, environmental protection, and racial justice. We plan to keep our efforts focused on work that we feel makes the world a little bit better for everyone and we hope to continue to be able to work with clients who have the vision and resolve to make real change happen.

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